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Liechtenstein investment law

A systematic introduction


Guenther Dobrauz, Sabine Igel


Within just a few decades, the Principality of Liechtenstein has succeeded in providing solutions tailored to the needs of its market.
and committed cooperation between its key players to create a highly specialized financial centre. The country has also established itself as a service-oriented boutique location with a highly innovative workbench in the investment fund sector.


The Principality received a boost from its unique heritage of corporate forms in continental Europe, which includes Anglo-Saxon structures and original solutions in addition to the classic vehicles, thus forming the basis for differentiated fund solutions. Liechtenstein’s membership of the European Economic Area and its simultaneous connection with Switzerland through customs and currency agreements also gives it a unique special position as a hinge between the two economic areas, which is further fueling growth.


In recent years, the UCITS Act and the AIFM Act have further differentiated the Liechtenstein regulation of collective investment schemes, which was originally covered by the Investment Undertakings Act, in accordance with European requirements and created a comprehensive investment law, which is presented in a practice-oriented manner in this book.

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