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Our heritage, our future – The history of Dobrauz-Saldapenna 1858

A journey through time

From the beginnings to the present day

The history of Dobrauz-Saldapenna 1858 begins in the 19th century, in an era of change and discovery. Originally from Trieste, part of the international family moved to Zurich via Paris, Vienna and Steyr. Over generations, we have perfected the art of asset management, always with an eye for tradition and a flair for innovation.



Today, in a rapidly changing world, our commitment to excellence, integrity and sustainable values remains as strong as ever, while we continue to explore new ways to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.



Our focus for new investments is on exponential technologies, which we combine with forward-looking business models such as the circular economy. Ultimately, we want to promote true sustainability in the sense of longevity.

Visionary trailblazer

Passion and expertise in the service of the future.

Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in law from Johannes Kepler University (Austria), an MBA from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and has completed advanced training programs at Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, IMD and Singularity University.

He is co-founder and partner of the Swiss investment firm exelixis capital AG and manages the single family office Dobrauz-Saldapenna 1858 AG in Zurich. Prior to this, Dr. Dobrauz worked for many years as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he was head of the legal department for the whole of Switzerland and significantly expanded it. He was also a member of the Global Legal Leadership Team.

In the first part of his career, he gained valuable experience at Deloitte, an international hedge fund and one of the first Swiss venture capital firms. Over the years, he has published 12 books on innovation, the circular economy and law, over 100 specialist articles and spoken at hundreds of conferences worldwide.

Our values

Our cornerstones – rooted in tradition, focused on the future.

Traditional strength

Our deep-rooted traditions form the strong foundation on which we build enduring values and long-term prosperity.

Future-oriented innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy, and we always use the latest findings and technologies to offer future-proof solutions.

Partnership and trust

We build on strong, trusting relationships with our partners, characterized by mutual respect and a precise understanding of individual needs.

Sustainability and responsibility

Sustainability is a core aspect of our philosophy, whereby we make responsible investments that create both economic and ecological value.

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